We exist to mentor and educate our teens.

Our purpose is to establish and nurture teens in sound application of truth. We seek to establish strong, lasting relationship with our students and walk beside them as they try to navigate their teen years. 

A crucial time in a student’s life is the transition from middle school into the first years of high school. Responsibilities are established as one moves from childhood into adulthood.  It is at this age that values are established and decisions about faith are cemented. That is why Grow Deep Teen School exists.  Our mission is to reach out to 8th-11th grade students providing a place of fellowship and growth where we can connect with God and with each other.

Our prayer is for students to see Christ as the answer, to have the opportunity to know Him better through bible study, small groups, and church fellowship.  

What We Do

We understand how vital one on one relationships are with our teens and work hard to build lasting ones.We don't want to talk at our teens, instead we want to build relationships that would allow us to walk side by side with them. So we do coffee dates, we play soccer, football, we go fishing,  we put on events, we go on missions together, we have pizza nights, and we show up for them.

 We are there for our teens. Always.

Meet The team

We are a team united by our love for Jesus and teenagers. We are serving our teens with love, prayer, and consistency. We all have different strengths to bring to this ministry and love using our gifts to serve our teens. By day we are accountants, appraisers, social workers, state workers, students, business owners, surgical techs, and school counselors.

But our teens know us as Grow Deep Staff. We are their mentors, teachers, and support system. Click to get to know us better.