GDTM Winter Cabins - February 14-17, 2019- Cost $110

Students currently enrolled in GDTM can apply.  Currently we are not accepting any students who do not attend GDTM.  More information in regards to cabins will be provided to the students at GDTM like what to bring, directions, drop off and pick up time, list of rules, etc.

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What to Bring
Bring all basic necessities, toiletries, bedding, and warm clothing. Make sure to grab your Bible, positive attitude, and a desire to learn something new. We will be providing a more detailed list closer to the trip as well as directions. With any questions please feel free to send us an email or contact the administration
I will pay the$110
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Students applying to cabins must understand that attending cabins is a privilege and not a right. GDTM reserves the right to send students home early if they are not following the rules. GDTM Staff reserve the right to confiscate all electronic devices and other items that are prohibited from cabins. GDTM staff is not liable for any loss and/or damages that may occur to any confiscated devices. GDTM Staff can check bags/cars of students for the safety of the other campers. By agreeing to come to cabins, students and parents are agreeing to the above statement.